Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Guardians

     Death is never an easy thing especially when you are already knocking on death's door yourself. This is the fate of a seventeen-year-old girl named Clever McCallister. Clever was a shy child but grew into her own when she and her parents realized that Clever had cancer that was incurable by man's standards. It was one of those rare moments when you wonder how did I get this disease or how long will I live. It stumped the doctors who diagnosed her with it and didn't believe she would make it six months.
     Her health was failing and by looking at her body you could tell she was malnourished and that her cheeks were a little sunken in. She was at that ripe age of seventeen when everyone her age were exploring and experimenting. This was not the case for Clever because she had been sick for years but never knew it until recently. She had spent most of the last few years in and out of hospitals to know that life was passing her by.
Clever and her family had somewhat of a religious background and did fall from their faith quite a bit especially whent came to Clever and this incurable cancer. Why would a loving God strike a young child down with a disease that would cause so much pain? Her parents always questioned the things that happened whether good or bad. They sent so much time praying and asking for forgiveness that the thought of asking for their child to be healed never once fell from their lips. After
so many years and so much money, Clever's parents were finally at the conclusion that their child was going to die and there was nothing they could to stop it.
Clever, on the other hand, was at terms with her illness and accepted her fate. She began to live like a normal seventeen-year-old despite some of her limitations. She knew the time would come when she would have to say her goodbyes but until that time came, she was going to be as normal as she could. Her mother home schooled her pretty much all her life so the arguments started about her wanting to go to public school. Her parents were so much against it because she needed to be on oxygen as well as other medications and thought that it would be difficult to entertain. Clever was set in her ways and was determined to go to a public school for her remaining months of life. Seeing how determined she was, her parents decided to give in and enrolled her into the nearest public school to home.
Clever's first day at a public school was difficult having to tote around a portable oxygen tank and trying to find her classes too. The kids were friendly to her and some even gave her the look of sympathy which she really didn't want. It was not like her to accept pity and sympathy because she has made her peace within herself and ready to accept death when it comes. She made it to all of her classes and rather enjoyed being around all the different people. By the end of the day, Clever had made a few friends who she could hang out with after school. These were her best days.
As the months went by, Clever was beginning to feel the effects of her illness and began missing days of school. Her friends would come by and bring her the homework and visit with her to keep her spirits up. She could sense that it wouldn't be much longer before she had to say her goodbyes. Clever did what she did and that was living life to it's fullest. She was not about to let her cancer take control of her life and mind.
     She had gone with her parents to church every Sunday since she was a little girl and even created a support group at the church for other children and parents dealing with illnesses such as hers. It gave her a sense of completion in knowing that she was helping others in her final transitioning. Every night she spent on her knees at her bedside praying for forgiveness for any wrong that she did, praying to give her parents peace, and praying for others who might be dealing with the same issues.
     It had gotten to the point where Clever could no longer make the trip to church anymore because she began feeling the effects of her cancer which was constant nausea, weakness, and pain. Her whole body hurt as the cancer spread throughout her body and continued to take over.
     One night, while at her bedside, Clever began her nightly ritual of praying when suddenly she had a calming feeling come over her. It was as if someone touched her shoulder to comfort her. She now knew she was not alone in her room. She was now at peace and knew that everything was going to be okay. From that night on she stayed fast in her faith that things would be okay and easier for everyone she loved when her time to pass on came about. She laid in her bed that night calmly and peacefully before falling asleep.
     The next morning, her parents noticed that she had not come down for breakfast and went to check on her. When they entered her room, they found Clever fast asleep, so it seemed until they went to her bedside and gently clasped her hand noticing that it was cold. At that moment, they knew that she had passed away in her sleep peacefully. Grief stricken, her parents sat with her awhile before making the call for an ambulance to come get her.
     Not knowing that she had passed on, Clever woke up in a place unfamiliar to her. It was somewhat quiet except for the faint singing from far off. After rubbing her eyes and getting a better view of her surroundings, she noticed two figures in the doorway to the room she woke up in. They were tall and slender, wearing white robes, long flowing white hair, and leather sandals on their feet.
     While they stood there, the first question that she spoke was "where am I?"One of the figures walked closer to her and spoke very softly and calmly replying, "you have passed on and came home." Startled slightly by his words, she asked, "who are you?" The second figure came close and told her that they were the guardians.
     Clever sat there for a minute and pondered over their words. It was official and that cancer, in fact, had taken her from her parents and to the afterlife. They helped her stand up from the bed and each one gently hugged her welcoming her to her new home. She had no feelings of guilt or doubt and only the sense of belonging.
     They guided her from the room and escorted her around introducing everyone to her. She felt that she had a new family now who loved her just as much as her parents. She noticed that she was in no pain and that her body had been made whole again. There was no nausea, weakness, or cancer. She had been healed upon her entrance to the afterlife.
     After being shown around, the guardians had some important information to tell her. They informed her that she had done great things while alive and helped so many others. She held on to her faith no matter what situation came across her. They admired her for that because most people in her situation and with her illness would have given up. That was not a part of Clever's agenda. She was strong willed and a helper of many.
     They had given her the message brought from higher up that she was going to return to her parents and her life to fulfill her destiny. She has been made whole again and with that, she will return to her parents with a great message to give. She will be the bearer of great tidings on her experiences from this realm and to assist in growing faith in others. She will plant many seeds in the lives of others and bring hope to the hopeless.
     Clever felt honored and joyful at the same time that she would be returning to her parents and earthly home. The guardians spoke over her blessings of strength and wisdom on her long journey because she will be on this journey for many long years. It was also made known that they will be keeping an eye on her as her personal guardians and mentors. Once all was said and arrangements made, they both anointed her head with oil and lay her back in the bed she woke from falling into a deep sleep.
     Back in her room with her parents who were very much in their grieving, her mother felt Clever gently squeeze her hand. When her mother and father looked up at their pale, cold child, they saw the color return to her face and noticed she was breathing again. Both parents fell by her bedside weeping joyful tears as their once deceased child opened her eyes smiling at them.
     Her father helped her sit up and noticed she felt stronger and not so ill. When they asked how this was possible, Clever replied, "I was in another place where there were many at peace, but now I have returned with good news and a purpose." Her parents so happy that they hugged her very tightly and found a strong pulse coursing through her body.
     As they sat in conversation with their daughter, she spoke of how she had been healed from cancer and returned to accomplish many things. She spoke of the guardians and their kind words for her. In all of the excitement of their daughter returning, they forgot that they had called the ambulance which was pulling up outside. Her father quickly met them at the door and told them of what had transpired. He allowed them to come in and check his daughter thoroughly to find that she was very healthy and alive.
     Once they had left, her parents took her to her oncologist to get his opinion of her health. After many scans and x-rays, her doctor gave her a clean bill of health and notified the parents that her body had been rid of cancer. Overjoyed and with a sigh of relief, they returned home to celebrate the return of their child. They all got down on their knees and thanked their higher power for giving them their daughter back with a new body.
     Clever, with her eyes closed, felt and heard the guardians whispering to her words of wisdom and guidance. They reminded her of her journey and assignment and with that, she smiled and thanked them.
     The next day, Clever woke up with a purpose and began calling everyone she knew and setting up speaking engagements all around town. She set forth on her journey telling her story of cancer, her experience with the afterlife, and the guardians watching over her. She brought many to knowledge and gave peace to those suffering. Clever knew she had a long road ahead of her but remembered her task very well.
     Many years had gone by and Clever remained faithful to her task until her second homecoming at the old age of seventy-two. She had never again seen cancer and passed on peacefully in her bed fast asleep.

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